Thursday, 30 April 2009

Parring the PAR!

Crazy Taxi seems to be the talk of the town.

But i hate it when stuff like this happens, they need to fix up.
Then I'll be up there with Simon and Kay...

Friday, 24 April 2009


"They say 13 is an unlucky number, then so should the letter 'B' be, beacuse 'B' looks like a scrunched together 13.
What is your name?
Get the hell away!"

Sunday, 12 April 2009

I'M BACK, i think?!?? (Been a month, but feels like Ageeess)

Its been a MONTH

Many bloggers have been hiding, and i have not blogged in a month. I'm not going to lie, I've been MAD LAZY...(and out and about)

First i got a new camera and a new phone
and its taken me years to get used to both of them.
and BILLIONS OF YEARS to upload stuff onto the computer

But anyway forget that one ("DJM")

Check Ayo "Flash Em" (showing off) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Forget "Frontline", this is the TUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People told me i exagg with Frontline, don't ever tell me I'm exaggo with this tune.

Hold tight my brother "Football Don" bare doing Skank calm down for his celebrations for his Final. Maddest goal scorer

I love computers but at the same time hate computers.
I hate when they do this!!!!!!!!

i waited for 5mins!
God, please throw a macbook into my hands.

"Ctrl Alt Delete"-DID NOT WANT TO NICE ME!!!

During this Easter, one fool decided to prank call members of my family.
First my brother and then my cousin.


i was so lucky to overhear my cuzzy shouting on the phone
saying "Who's this"

so i spoke to this "SAMANTHA" girl
the scary thing was that she called my cousin
asking for me, SHE SAID MY FULL NAME.


that's not funny you know.
I don't know whats wrong with these youts u know.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Google Maps

Google Maps are doing ALOT...
i saw this on the news, then i thought let try it...

You can proper view the streets of Cities in the Country (Not Lagos)
have a walk down roads, showing real people walking down streets.
There fully want to nice terrorist before 2012 i swear LOL. Unfortunately i cant view my "ENDZ"

i went to visit a few places still

Some people should know this one!

Even searched Amsterdam


there's been alot of controversy on the news
because Google have had complaints from people
saying its invading people's PRIVACY


Tuesday, 17 March 2009



Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam...

I found it live because it was my first time traveling outside
the country without family. An it was a good experience...

I would have started blogging straight away,
but i had to catch up on sleep and family also i would have uploaded on Monday 9thMarch but Blogspot DOES AIR.

On the Ferry going to France, while everyone was feeling SEA SICK
we just sat down playing Black Jack and Chase the Queen

took us up to 11 Hours to get to Amsterdam...

in Holland

As we got to the hotel after an 15 minute walk from the coach to the hotel...
i realized it not a HOTEL but a

Looked too much like a prison, the prison bare had graffiti all over the place
the "hotel" proper had a nice welcome sign...

After dropping all the stuff in our rooms
Kriptic, Skeps an i went for a likkle-walk-about
noticed shops had very weird names
take this for instance

Sissy boy is apparently a shop for Gay Men :S
This is the best sweet shop EVER! (jamin)

So many weird shops and shops selling souvenirs...
Finally Rich comes across a decent Shop :D

BEN AND Jerry's, prices were OK but too pricey

After all this walking walking walking... we all got hungry (Krip, Skeps, Enea, Micheal and i)
we were bare looking for a place to eat...Mcdonalds and Burgerking were too pricey

They didn't even sell MEALS, just individual like



Then we went into this shop asking them where some resturant was (dumb i know)
Then the guy told us about some deal

Chips, salad and UNLIMITED RIBS

Let me not lie, i did not murk...i could NOT handle it,
I only had the two on the plate and didn't ask for more...
while Skeps and Enea where battling it out to see
who could have the most Ribs...

Notice how they also sell Ribs and Chips in a
Pancake Corner

We went on a Boat trip in the Canal to tour some places like
RED LIGHT DISTRICT and them places there.
It got boring and guys started SLeepppingzzzzzzz

I was the only one who stayed awake...

After the unwanted free boat trip, shop got the visit even though most
things were so HEXpensivee and because most people in Holland are

They didn't have my size in so many shops...
(Flipping PAR)

They still had nice shops DOE

Tell me what shops in London have so many Funky Vintage
Colorful stuff in one Store or RACK

After all the shopping we/i went to visit the Ajax
"AHH-JACKSSS" stadium

My photography is on P.O.I.N.T

The whole Experience was F.U.N...

The last day Kriptic and Skeps did madness!

Monday, 16 March 2009


This video is mad jokes!

This video is shit

Sunday, 22 February 2009


What Amsterdam is going to be like an if i should buy a HD camera to take with me, also if 170Pounds is enough to take with me.

and if there will ever be a day when i have
Billionaire Boys Club in my wardrobe


and why I'm interested in photography and
I'm still using this 2.0 mega pixel camera

and why Ed Hardy is so so so over-rated,
(but still nice to wear)

and why Peace, Josh and i find these Primark bootleg copy of Rebook Classics are MAD funny.

and why people think were mad for doing this...

(Just because you cant do it)

and what the point of cutting my hair
every two weeks
so people don't talk negative talk (Raggo)

and why after so many years Simpsons decide to change the intro
just because they turned HD recently

and i wonder when ASDA will employ me...

and how I can study Media and not have a MACBOOK

And a MILLION other things running through the dumb mind of mine.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Shes got me on the frontline!

14th February 2009

Just about to go work, YES on Valentines day. Most girls/people tell me why you going work on V'day? or "Ha" your going work on Valentines day.

My answer: Where would i get the money to take a girls out on Valentines day.

I had two letters on my doorstep


why the NHS do this to me "I DON'T KNOW"
Well i guess my London borough actually care about young teenagers.
But this is a PAR.

Second time they have sent something to my house like this sent to my house.
Its leaving my mum curious LOL.

Princess Naya- Frontline (Funkyhouse)
I swear this is and iPod/iTunes/iStereo Banger.
Just gets played over and over again...


O yeah Lately i gathered "Shake-About"
is the IN ting. Every time i go Westfield from now on, I've got to Shake About.